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006 Balanced Reducer
Your Price: From $40.00 to $181.88
006 Balanced Reducer
100 MC-Clear
Your Price: From $21.00 to $195.00
100 MC-Clear
100 MSB Clear Soft Hand Reducer
Your Price: From $41.00 to $155.00
100 MSB Clear Soft Hand Reducer
102 Phosphorescent
Your Price: From $45.00 to $550.00
102 Phosphorescent
103 Athlectic Additive
Your Price: From $27.00 to $245.00
103 Athlectic Additive
104 MC Opaque No Build
Your Price: $148.00
104 MC Opaque No Build
107 LB Flash Clear
Your Price: From $21.00 to $215.00
107 LB Flash Clear
109 Puff Concentrate
Your Price: From $40.00 to $550.00
109 Puff Concentrate
Thinner DT/Reducer#4
Your Price: From $15.00 to $28.00
Thinner DT/Reducer#4

Features and Tips
MSB-100 Clear/Soft-Hand Extender:
Great for wet-on-wet printing, thinning, reducing viscosity, extending and a soft-hand feel. Safe to use in any quantity desired, because it is a balanced mixture that can be heat-cured at normal plastisol temperatures (300°F - 330°F). Increases ink penetration and elongation. MSB-100 Clear can also be used as a transparent “base” with the addition of pigment.

Balanced Reducer: Curable clear liquid used to “thin” ink, but that means reduced opacity. Because of its curable formulation, any quantity can be used. Similar to MSB-100 Clear, but thinner.

Thinner DT: Thinner DT will reduce tackiness and viscosity. It also will reduce “ink hang” in the screen while maintaining opacity if used properly. Use 1% - 3% by weight. Note: Over-use of Thinner DT can cause resin swelling and affect ink opacity, printability and cure.

Thinner PL:
Thinner PL will increase ink penetration, gloss and elongation. It also can improve “ink flow.” However, it cuts opacity and slightly increases heat curing time. Use 1% - 5% by weight. Use cautiously, use too much and the ink will never cure.

Thickener Paste:
Thickener Paste will slightly increase the viscosity while improving the “wetness” of the ink. Use to build body and help control ink build-up under screen. Use 1% - 5% by weight. Use cautiously.

Thickener Powder:
Thickener Powder can significantly increase ink viscosity. Must be stirred in with a power drill to thoroughly mix/disperse. Use up to 1% by weight. Will not affect opacity or dry/cure time. For special applications or preferences, Thickener Powder also can help the ink “stand-up” on the garment.

Flash Additive/Dulling Powder: Flash Additive will decrease flash times necessary while also reducing gloss, penetration and flow. Use up to 7% by weight. Must be stirred in with a drill. Note: Do not use with other reducers.

Athletic Additive:
Athletic Additive is used to provide greater adhesion, abrasion resistance and elongation characteristics for athletic printing. Use in conjunction with any MC or MCO ink. Use 20% - 25% by weight. Will not affect bleed resistance or curing time.

Puff Concentration:
Multi-Puff is a plastisol ink especially designed to give a raised or expanded dimensional look to printed designs. Multi-Puff 109 Puff Concentrate can be added 25% - 40% to general-purpose Multi-Choice plastisol to achieve a puff effect. High Density ink doesn't expand and 'puff', it is thick to start with. Use it for dimensional effects like simulate leather patches.

Color Matching:
Multi-Tech offers custom color matching upon request. Minimum quantity is five gallons with a $80.00 matching fee. When drum quantities are ordered, the matching fee is waived. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the matching process. Specify color desired (sample preferred) and opacity requirements.

Phosphorescent: Multi-Tech features a ready-to-use (MC-102) that glows in the dark. We also have phosphorescent powder (use 10% - 15% by weight in a clear base) for custom applications.

Pearlescent/Shimmer: Wet "pearl-type” look.

Multi-Tech's Crystalina is a ready-to-use specialty ink designed for a “sparkle” appearance.

Pigment & Base Color System: Multi-Tech has a complete pigment and base system for custom color matching. Soft-hand, standard, high-opaque, puff and specialty bases are available for use with our extensive range of pigment concentrates. Compatible with many of the existing pigment systems on the market today.

Foil & Flock Adhesive: Multi-Tech's MC-107 Flash Clear is great as a flock or foil adhesive with excellent adhesion characteristics.

Custom Formulations:
Multi-Tech offers custom formulations to suit unusual or difficult specialty applications. Call us to discuss your special needs. Stir plastisols prior to each use. Do not dry clean or use bleach. Always pretest before use to establish suitability and procedures prior to production.

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