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Brown 20x20 Automatic FastFlash (FF-2020)
Automatic flash unit with adjustable stand, casters, and rheostat heat control.
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Detailed Description

Automatic 20" x 20" flash unit with adjustable caster (FF-2020)
Get'em while they're hot. These units are specifically designed to successfully flash cure in seconds and fully cure in 2- to 60 seconds. They allow height adjustment of 30" to 40". These units come equipped with casters and rheostat controls. The calrode heaters in these machines are warranted for 3 years.

Automatically worth it! An automatic base option is also available. These machines operate on a timer that moves the head out over a platen for a specified amount of time and then returns it to a home position. This ensures a perfect flash and eliminates the risk of leaving the head overtop the platen.

Heat area: 20" x 20"
Lenght/Width/Height: 29" x 23" x 45"
Power Requirement: 240V, 14A

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