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Ink-Jet Transfer Paper for Light-Colored Garments
Heat Transfer on light materials
(100 sheets per pack)
Your Price: $140.00


Detailed Description

For use with white and light colored fabrics, mousepads, puzzles, coaters and cardstock material. PAROPY Inkjet has been developed to offer superior imaging in all inkjet printers. Designed for application with heatpress or hand iron. Product features an easy peel and withstands repeated washings.

Inkjet Light Yellow Grid:

The Light Yellow Grid paper requires a “right-facing” image. The transfer film is peeled from the backing paper and placed face-up on the fabric prior to pressing. A sheet of silicon paper is used to protect the transfer during the pressing process.

Printable Information & Instructions for Use:
This transfer paper is for inkjet printers that can be printed with 1440 dpi and is especially suitable for high-resolution photographs. You can image all white and light colored fabrics made of cotton or cotton blend, as well as synthetic fabrics (polyester, nylon, etc.).
Create your own t-shirts, caps, mousepads, bags etc.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to heat transfer with the firm pressure.

  • 605-104-2-PK 11" x 17" Light Yellow Grid (100 sheets per pack) .. $140.00
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