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PowerRIP SilkScreen
PC or Mac - You're a screen printer and need dense film positives on an inkjet printer with halftone dots or stochastic index color. Here's the answer for PC or Mac and we drive more printers than other RIPS
Your Price: From $495.00 to $995.00

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Getting good dense film positive output is as simple as buying PowerRIP Silkscreen for PC, or PowerRIP X SilkScreen for Mac, and choosing a supported Epson printer. The printer is your choice, you may wish to shop around for the best price, or you may already own one of our supported printers and just need a RIP. You simply print separations and spot colors, with your own angles and frequencies, as grayscale, from your application and you’ll get the dense film positives you need. PowerRIP can even make separations from your RGB or CMYK files, as well as making a color proof. Get our RIP and use it with any film that works on your printer, do not get locked into just one choice for film or ink.

PowerRIP SilkScreen for the PC works with Windows 7 32/64/XP/2000/2003/Vista 32/64
PowerRIP X SilkScreen Mac works with OSX 10.6, 10.4, 10.3, 10.2
Any RIP compatible printer prices listed here are for information only.

650-650-1-EA PowerRIP SilkScreen Pro (PC) ...............$495.00
650-650-2-EA PowerRIP SilkScreen Pro LF (PC) ..........$995.00
650-650-3-EA PowerRIP X SilkScreen Pro (Mac) ..........$495.00
650-650-4-EA PowerRIP X SilkScreen Pro LF (Mac) .....$995.00

PowerRIP Silkscreen Pro and PowerRIP X Silkscreen Pro are for the following desktop printers: Epson 1280, 1400, R1800, R2400, 1520, 3000, 4000, 4800, 4880

PowerRIP Silkscreen Pro LF and PowerRIP X Silkscreen Pro LF are for the following desktop printers: Epson 7600/7800/7880 and Epson 9600/9800/9880

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