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Diamond Chase
Tension Quik Adjustable Screen Stretcher
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Detailed Description

The Diamond Chase Tension-Quik™ is an easy-to-use adjustable screen stretching system and the least expensive route to high tension levels. Four independent channels link together, adjusting the size in both directions. The channels enclose a tensioning roller that ratchets in a clockwise rotation to tension the mesh. Each roller has a fabric locking system to easily and securely capture the mesh. The adjustable arms fit around your stretch and glue frame. Your mesh is inserted in the four rollers in the adjustable channels and you tighten the mesh with a supplied tool, then glue it to your frame.

The frame channels are extruded in a standard strength profile as well as a heavy duty and jumbo profile. The standard profile is recommended for most tensioning applications. The heavy duty is only recommended for welded stretchers and welded frames over 60 inches. The jumbo profile is recommended for all systems over 96 inches and is only manufactured as an adjustable stretcher.

The Keystone Nylon system utilizes a single tapered nylon rod which slides into the roller through the end of the frame channel. This system is recommended for large stretchers because of its pre-tensioning ability. The advantage of this locking system is the easy corner softening ability for all frame sizes. One locking rode handles most all mesh counts, including wire meshes. Undersized black Keystone rode available for very coarse meshes.

Channel size is determined by the max. length. Frame Max Custom sizes per Inch
Standard 48"
$3.19 per ID inch
Heavy Duty 72"
$3.36 per ID inch
Jumbo 240"
$7.70 per ID inch
Specify the Outer Dimension of your frame - That will be the Inner Dimension of the Tension Quik stretcher in inches. Top Loading will be assumed. Specify Keystone if desired. All systems come with Instruction Video, Insertion Tool and Wrench

Top Loading Tool Kit (Wheel Insertion Tools, 1/2" Allen Wrench, DVD)
$42.90 each
Keystone Tool Kit (Fabric Insertion Card, 1/2" Allen Wrench, DVD)
$27.50 each
Tensioning Wrench (1/2" Allen Wrench - Extended Length)
$11.00 each
Wheel Insertion Tool
$30.25 each
Plastic Insertion Card
$3.41 each
Instructional Video
$14.85 each
Instructional CD/DVD
$6.00 each

25" x 25" ID
25" x 36" ID
25" x 48" ID
36" x 36" ID
36" x 48" ID
48" x 48" ID

Roller (Keystone or Top Loading
$1.98 per inch
Spring Clips
$2.64 each
End Blocks
$4.84 each
End Blocks Installed
$18.15 each

Keystone Rod
$0.17 per inch
Round (White - High Mesh Counts)
$0.17 per inch
Round (Blue - Standard Mesh Counts)
$0.17 per inch
Round (Black - Low Mesh Counts)
$0.17 per inch
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